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Spring Cruise

  • 28 Apr 2018
  • 7:00 AM
  • 29 Apr 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Oriental


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NSA Spring Cruise

You'll Know Where We’re Going
When We See How It's Blowin'

We'll know where we're going (for sure) on Saturday, but...SOUTH RIVER is current target

Current forecast on the river Sat... W Winds Around 5 Kt, Becoming S In The Afternoon. Waves Flat, Increasing To Light Chop In The Afternoon. Sat Night... Sw Winds 5 To 10 Kt, Becoming W After Midnight. Waves Light Chop.  Sun... N Winds 10 To 15 Kt, Becoming Nw 5 To 10 Kt In The Afternoon. Waves A Moderate Chop, Diminishing To Light Chop In The Afternoon. 

Current Planned Destination: South River, UPDATED due to lighter winds making the distance to Bear Creek iffy, especially if we are motoring.  If the forecast of SW-W overnight holds, we will anchor out in the river's center a couple of miles in to avoid the bugs. They can get aggressive at dusk and dawn.  Screens will help, so bring 'em if you have them.  

Skipper's call 9AM on channel 16 then 68: Skippers, please monitor VHF channel 16 or 68 Saturday morning about 9AM for the latest details.  We will move to the 'fleet channel' 68 and make sure it is clear, then discuss last minute details. Serenity will monitor 16 and the designated 'fleet channel' on Saturday and Sunday. 

Float Plan: I am planning for a departure at 10 AM or when the wind comes up a little from Pecan Grove, and do some day sailing before heading over to South River early to mid afternoon.  Anchorage in vicinity of: 

Trip Planning: It's about an hour or so East from Oriental and South from Broad Creek, less from Pierce Creek, about 7-8 nautical miles,  so you can leave at a leisurely hour after breakfast, do some day sailing and head into South River in the afternoon.

Navigation: South River is well marked and you can follow the marks from South River #1 on in, but don't cut too close to Red #2 as it is shallow around that mark.  You'll be fine if you clear it by 50 and then stay 100' off the greens on the way in. After you pass Green #5 to Port, you can safely navigate the center of the river all the way to the anchorage.

Arrival: You will need to anchor of raft up with a buddy on arrival, so you want a little time before the social to anchor, set up the dink, etc.

Party Time: I think we could set the social for 4 PM, or so?  Serenity (Green Canvas), Blue Mind and Captiva have the libations. 

See you there


Cruise Captains
Lynn Scott
Stephen Noe

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Cruise Captains, 
Steve Noe and Lynn Scott
s/v Serenity

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